Leadership and management are two completely different concepts. A manager’s job is to plan and budget, organize and allocate personnel, control and solve problems, and its purpose is to establish order.  The leader’s job is to set direction, integrate stakeholders, motivate and inspire employees, and the goal is to effect change. 

The company mainly engaged in a variety of 3C products, including bluetooth headset, Bluetooth audio, smart watch, smart lamp
And if your demand is large, we can also according to your needs to open mold development related products, but also according to your requirements packaging products. Please feel free to contact us if you need anything

Factory R&D scale

Dor Je

The size of the plant must never be made without choice.

Richy Lace

Management is not a dictatorship. The top management of a company must be able to lead and manage employees.

xie zhi hao

Effective management stems from respect for individual individuality and dignity.

li min

My tenet of global 3C digital market has always been gradual and steady development, neither by sensational profits, nor in the market recession .